When You Question Why

We write to express our emotions – we write to keep others informed.

We write to bring a sense of connection, find release from that occasional storm.

We write about what we are feeling, what it is that we want you to know.

We write about what we can’t express or sometimes, physically show.

Sometimes, we write things for a competition , to expand on the things that we know.

Although sometimes it can be painful to lose, writing it anyway – helps us to grow.

We may never win the race or have our stories displayed on top.

But sometimes failure pushes us through and definitely teaches a lot.

what we can’t do, and I know we’ve all struggled – we try hard not to feel this way –

Is to stop writing down all the things that we feel, there is so much more we have to say.

So, remember one thing, as you give your words wings

There may be those with no voice, feeling the very same things.

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